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Venice during the pandemic and quarantine times

Venice and Italy have been hit very hard during the pandemic, but we are staying postive that Venice will survive and be even stronger once we all wake up from this nightmare. Until we can vsit Venice, let us at least enjoy some pictures of this lonely city during the time, when we all must stay at home.

Sailing timetable from Piran to Venice

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to cancel all trips until the 04th of July 2020, but are monitoring the situation closely. As soon as the situation normalises, we will resume operations. 
You can reach our office at for any questions.

Program of the day trip to Venice

Join us on a daily return sailing from Slovenia to Venice by fast ships and catamarans from Piran and visit the Pearl of the northern Adriatic crossing the Adriatic in under 2 hours (+ 1 hour sailing time through the lagoon to the port). Trips are organised every Saturday between 04.07 and 03.10.2020. 

Parking adivce in Piran, Slovenia

The city of Piran has a very strict parking regime and coming by car can be a hassle. Read our instructions carefully to find a legal place to park during your trip to Venice with us. There are two park houses where you can leave your car and not have to worry about a fine at the end of a long and interesting day.

How to book your trip to Venice

Booking your trip to Venice from Piran is simple. To start off, just select from which country you would like to go and the first and last day that you can travel. Please have your travel documents handy, since you will need them..Read on if you want to visit Venice with us...

Weather in Venice

Venice is well known for its mild climate in spring and fall months and high temperatures in the summer season. Before every voyage our captains follow the weather forecasts given by the maritime authorities. We ask all passengers to give us mobile phone numbers so we can inform them of any changes due to weather conditions.